Year End Favorites…sorta

As I was thinking about all the makeup I not only tried but loved this year I was coming up with a short list. Most of my favorites this year seemed to be my favorites from years past. And then when I tried to list those I realized they centered around my favorite go to look. These were the products I continually reached for mainly because I continually loved to wear this one look. (And still do) I like to call it a low key makeup look as it was a step above no makeup makeup but less than a soft glam look. One thing I do love about this look is that I can always add a little more or a little less depending on what mood I’m in or how quickly I need to be ready. It’s easy and quick and I honestly love the way it looks. So how I do I achieve this look, I promise it’s not that hard. 

First I start with primer. Lately I have been adding moisturizer right before I do my makeup because I think it helps the way my makeup applies. Then on top of that I add YSL Touché Eclat Blur Primer, which I know it’s super pricey but I haven’t found another primer that makes my skin look the way this one does. It blurs my pores and adds a touch of shimmer with the gold sparkles throughout (I promise it’s very subtle). The next step for me is brows because I want the primer to soak into my skin a little before I move on to any face products. I go back and forth with brow products but lately I’ve been loving Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. It’s quick and easy and I really like the way it makes my brows looks. As for setting them I also go back and forth with ABH’s Dipbrow Gel and Clear Brow Gel. Usually it’s whatever one I grab.  With brows done I now move on to my face. For the most when I do this look I just use concealer, but if I feel I need a little extra coverage I then will add a foundation (a light/sheer to medium coverage foundation). But most days it’s just concealer and for this I’ve been loving Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer. I already really liked this concealer but have really fallen in love with it this year. While it claims to be a full coverage concealer it sheers out and blends into my skin easily and beautifully. It’s also on the more hydrating/dewy side, which I don’t normally like with concealer. But using it in place of foundation I like that it’s not super matte. I used to think the color match wasn’t the best but when I wear just the concealer I find that it matches my skin pretty spot on. I then like to go in with a lighter shade in certain spots (under the inner corner of my eye, chin, down center of my nose, a little on my forehead) to highlight/brighten my face. Next I lightly powder my face to set my concealer, but also so any face product I add after blends better. For powder my favorite has been a mix of all my powders. I dropped my Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder  and it shattered and instead of throwing it away I decided to use it as a loose powder. From there I mixed in all my other powders to form a loose powder hybrid of all the powders I own. And honestly I really like it and have even mixed more in there when it ran out. I know this was a trend a few years ago but I did it to not waste product and actually really like it. One of the new products launched this year that I’ve fallen in love with was Fenty Beauty bronzers. I have the shade Inda Sun, a light neutral bronzer. I like that it’s more neutral because there have been too many times when I’ve tried bronzers that turn orange on me. But if I want a little bit more of a contour I use my mini Kevyn Acouin sculpting powder in medium. The biggest shock for me this year has been not only using/wearing blush but really loving it. Though two of my favorite blushes this have been technically highlighters on me they look more like blush. Those are  Beach Nectar from the Becca x Chrissy Teigen face palette and Benefit’s Tickle from the Cheekleader palette (they also sell it individually). Beach Nectar is a beautiful peach pink with a gold shimmer and Tickle is a soft pink with a gold shimmer. Both look like very shimmery blushes, which I like especially on the apples of my cheeks. I do like to layer them over actual blushes sometimes and right now the soft pink of Benefit’s Dandelion (also in the Cheekleader palette but they sell it individually) has been my go to.  If I feel like adding extra highlight I usually grab Becca’s Moonstone favorite go to highlight. It goes well with my skin tone and I know it will never let me down. Now when it comes to eyes my favorite look is to not do much. I’ve been loving the look of my natural eyelid shade. When it comes to adding any type of shade to my eyelids it’s just highlight to my inner corner and brow bone. I do like to use eyeliner to tight line but that’s to make my lashes look fuller. For that my favorite is Marc Jacobs Fineliner in blacquer. I’ve been obsessed with Marc Jacobs eyeliners first several years now, and obsession now extends to the fineliner. The skinny pencil make it super easy to get the tight line and into the top lashes. When it comes to mascara I’m still loving L’Oréal Lash Paradise Waterproof. This isn’t a term I usually don’t use but this mascara is my holy grail mascara. I have very stubborn lashes that have a tendency to either stick straight out or even down. So this mascara does the impossible as it not only holds the curl but holds it all day. I absolutely love this mascara. The last and final step is setting spray. For the most part I go back and forth between Mac Fix+ and Urban Decay All Nighter, but I have really fallen in love with Skindinavia’s setting spray. (Which makes total sense because All Nighter was developed in partnership with Skindinavia.) I have tried a few from Skindinavia and really liked all of them but my favorites are their Primer spray and Bridal spray. Recently I started using Milani’s Make it Last spray and have been really liking it. Last step before I’m out the door is just to apply some lip gloss. My favorite still is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. I like both Fenty Glow and Fu$$y and we use whichever one I grab. The only other gloss I have been wearing is Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Baby Doll. I got it as a sample and really love the shimmery pink gloss. If I feeling fancy I will even line my lips with Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk.  

Like I said it’s super easy and quick. My go to look also became my go to and favorite products this year. 

Here are several times I wore this look.

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