Milk Makeup Flex Foundation Stick

Milk Makeup just recently came out with their Flex Foundation Stick. On a whim during Sephora recent summer sale I decided to buy and try it out. I’ve never really tried products from Milk Makeup before, especially not their foundations (I’ve tried their Kush mascara and a sample of the Hydrogrip primer) and thought this would be a good place to start. 

Swatch of Milk Makeup Flex Foundation Stick in Porcelain

One of the reasons I did decide to buy was I just recently watched Kathleen Lights review on this foundation stick. Not only did she give this a glowing review but I liked how it looked in her video. I know I need to take videos with a grain salt because of the studio lighting and filters, but even then I liked the way it looked. But after I read more about it on the Sephora website it sounded like a foundation I would like. First I liked that it was a stick foundation. Stick foundations sometimes are easier to apply than regular liquid foundations and they aren’t as messy. I haven’t used a stick foundation in awhile mostly because I had a bad experience with another brand’s stick foundation, but I have been wanting to use one again. Recently I have been really into either no makeup makeup or just light natural makeup (which I’ve been calling low key makeup), and this seemed perfect for that. It has a medium coverage which is perfect for those days I want a little more coverage than the light sheer base I have been applying lately. I also like the it had a natural finish even though it was a stick and they tend to be more emollient (they have more oils in them so they can apply and blend easily) therefore they tend to have a dewy finish. The finish being natural and not dewy was one thing Kathleen Lights pointed out in her review and I could see it didn’t have the dewy look of most stick foundations. I was also intrigued by some of the ingredients like marshmallow root extract which claims to allow the product to move with your face but without caking or creasing. I don’t think I’ve heard any foundation have this ingredient before, but I was interested to see if it worked. Because who wants caking or creasing? It also has blue lotus to moisturize and lavender and chamomile to calm and soothe. Lately my skin has been super sensitive and I’m always looking for products that calm and soothe. So I started to get excited by everything I was reading and seeing this seemed to be perfect for me right now. A natural finish stick foundation that didn’t crease or get cakey and moisturized, calmed and soothed. Seriously everything I could ask for in a foundation. Now that I was getting excited I started to worry I was hyping this up too much in my head and would ultimately be disappointed, which is what always seems to happen. 

Swatches of all my foundation sticks. As you can see the Milk Makeup Flex Foundation stick is the lightest/fairest shade and it has the most natural finish and definitely the least dewy. That hands down goes to the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick It isn’t as full coverage as the Hourglass Vanish Stick foundation.

My first impressions of this product were better than I thought. I even want to say I like it but I have to use it for a little bit longer before I commit to that. But so far so good. I would definitely say the foundation is a natural finish, which is a little surprising given how emollient stick foundation is. Because it is emollient is applied nicely and blends in easily. It dried down nicely without still being really tacky, though I did set with powder. My other makeup layer on top nicely without shifting the base. It’s a medium coverage, which is what I usually prefer because you can sheer it out or build up the coverage. I did build up the coverage in a few area and it layered nicely. I did have one issue with the foundation wearing off on the sides of my nose where my sunglasses were. This is pretty much a problem I have had with every foundation recently. But this was pretty bad and it didn’t help that it was super hot outside so my face was sweating too.

This was taken right after finishing my makeup around 10:30am. I liked how everything looked.

I was hoping setting it with powder would help keep the foundation locked in place a bit more but it came completely off. But I was able to fix it by just applying a little bit more of the foundation to the spots with a concealer brush. I was surprised how easy it was to fix and that blended in so well you couldn’t even tell the foundation had even been effected. I tried to give this foundation a good wear test and wore it for about 8 hours.

At around 3:00pm after the foundation completely wore off on the bridge of my nose from my sunglasses and after I was able to fix it. It’s hard to tell that I had any issues with this foundation as it was easy to fix any problems and still looked good after 6.5 hours later.

Even though I wore the foundation for a decent amount of time was hard to notice is the marshmallow root extract help prevent any creasing or cakeiness. But I will say after reapplying foundation to certain spot it wasn’t cakey so maybe it did help some. Also the other ingredients like the blue lotus, lavender and chamomile didn’t make a stand out impression. But hopefully after wearing this foundation some more I’ll be able to tell if the ingredients make a difference and live up to their claims. As far as the color (I got Porcelain which very fair with neutral undertones, the lightest shade) I do think I got a pretty good color match, though it is on the lighter side. I was a little worried because I have never tried any of their foundations before and I didn’t know if it would be too light or too dark. They have a pretty good shade range with 36 different colors. The price is at $36 for 0.35oz/10g. 

Just a quick comparison of the other foundation sticks I own. The Makeup Forever is $43 for 0.44oz/12.5g. the Hourglass is $46 for 0.25oz/7g. The most comparable foundation stick to Milk Makeup’s is Tarte, which is 0.32oz for $39, but sadly I don’t own that one.

All times after initially wearing this foundation I’ve liked how everything has looked. I haven’t been this excited about a foundation in a while, and I can’t wait to play with it. Even though I bought this as an impulse buy I’m happy that I did. 

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