Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer

Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer $22 for 0.139 oz/4.14 mL

Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer is the new concealer everyone can’t stop talking about. It’s been compared to Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer with many saying Jouer’s is better. Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer has been the standard which all concealer are compared against and for the last few years nothing has come close to toppling it from its number one spot. So is Jouer’s Essential High Coverage concealer going to take the number one spot? I decided to try it out and see if it was worth the hype and if it was truly the best concealer out there. 

Things got off to a rocky start before I even bought the concealer. My first issue with this concealer was the shades, not because they didn’t have plenty of shades (they have 25 shades), but because they only had two undertones for lighter shades, cool pink and warm yellow (more undertones were available in darker shades and it wasn’t until the 6th lightest until there was a neutral undertone.). I don’t fall in either of those. So I had to decide between two, did I want a pink undertone or yellow? When I’ve bought concealers with a pink undertone in the past it’s usually to help cover my dark circles, since the pink/peachy color can cancel out blues. The only problem I’ve had with that is that it’s too pink for my skin. And instead of canceling out the my dark circles it makes those areas stand out because the color seems off. I’ve tried with several different products and I haven’t found one that works for me. I know yellow undertone concealers can help with dark circles but I don’t know if my dark circles are the right color and because of this it can also make them worse. But since I wanted a concealer for not just dark circles but to use all over my face (especially for those no makeup makeup days) I decided to go with the yellow undertone since I think I lean more yellow than pink. I also had to decide how fair of a shade did I want. Usually I go with the lightest shade they have, but I was worried their lightest shade might actually be too fair. Mostly because I noticed people who I have similar skin tone to didn’t go with the lightest shade, but a shade or two darker. So I tried finding comparisons to some of the products I already own and I felt matched me well thinking this would be the best way to determine my shade. The only problem was I couldn’t find many shade comparisons, just one from Jouer’s website and the shades they used as comparisons weren’t the ones I used. At the time I was using Tarte’s Shape Tape in Fair Neutral which they compared to a darker shade. After debating back and forth for a while I decided on Lace because this was the fairest with yellow undertones. And still I was worried I picked the wrong shade. 

Shade comparison of the Jouer concealer. As you can see it is not only darker but more of a peachy pink even compared to my other concealers with neutral undertone. Also it’s no where close to be similar to Tarte Shape Tape in Porcelain Beige, which was one of the shades they compared it to.

So when I finally got the concealer and tested it out I was shocked that it wasn’t too light as I feared but too dark. Not only that but the yellow undertone was more of a peachy pink color. I felt stupid for worrying so much and also a little confused because this was definitely not how it was described or looked online (and I know that’s the issue with ordering online but usually I’m pretty spot on). Not to mention the one color they did compare it to was nowhere close to the same shade (Lace compared to Tarte Shape Tape in Porcelain Beige). Even though it was darker than I expected I still thought I could make it work, especially if it was as good as everyone claimed. 

I first want to start with the positive. But unfortunately for me there was only one, it’s full coverage. To me that’s a positive because I’m a fan of full coverage concealer. I like that I can use less concealer to cover my dark circles, redness, and pimples because I get more coverage overall instead of layering it to get the desired coverage. Also for days when I don’t want to wear foundation I love just using concealer. Sometimes I only put it in my trouble areas and other days I put it all over (usually I try to use less but end up getting carried away). This is also a plus for me because its name has high coverage in it and it is living up to its name. Unfortunately that’s where the positives about this product end. While I do like that it’s full coverage I found with this concealer that full coverage becomes cakey really fast. This was the first concealer (and any face product) I ever notice in my smile lines. Mostly because I don’t think my smile lines are that bad and by that I mean noticeable or deep. So to see them so noticeable and to have makeup look caked in them was eye opening. I think that was the last day I wore this concealer. Because if this product can make lines I don’t normally see on my face so pronounced than I’m scared what it will do for the places where I do have noticeable lines. But the bad doesn’t stop there because the shade is too dark for me (and got darker as it dried) it was the first time I saw where the concealer was on my face. It was one of those days when I like to just use only concealer but using only this concealer I saw all the place I applied it to my face. Which when wearing any type of face makeup is the last thing I want. I’m still scarred by the memories of having that line at my jaw where you can see my face being several shades darker than my neck. Luckily for me I didn’t do that for too long, but still it’s not a look I want to repeat.

As for the claim that the Jouer concealer is hydrating/dewy is also something I’m not a fan of. I get that it has more of a dewy look but I’m not sure that’s a good thing when it comes to concealer. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want a concealer that is drying or makes my skin look dry, but I’m also don’t want one that’s super dewy. I found with this concealer the dewiness just adds to the cakeiness. Because it’s not a concealer that sets and always remains a little tacky so the only way to keep it where I put it is to set it with powder. And if it’s already cakey without powder than the powder just adds more to the cake factor. When I do just like to where concealer on my no make makeup days I usually don’t like to add a ton of powder but with this concealer that’s just not possible. 

I was so excited to try this concealer and I guess that’s why I was more disappointed than anything when I didn’t like it. I believed all the hype and thought this would be better than my Tarte Shape Tape. But I quickly found out it’s not even close competition. Shape Tape still reigns as my favorite and ultimately better concealer. 

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