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Hi guys and welcome back to my channel! Today is going to be a tutorial on this look right here. So if you want to see how to do it just keep watching, and don’t forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and don’t forget to hit that notification bell. And now let’s get started. 

Obviously that was a joke, but it’s the standard intro in most makeup tutorials on YouTube. And I’m sure by now you can see I have a small addiction to watching makeup videos. But it’s from all these videos that I’ve learned most of my makeup knowledge. And it’s not just knowledge about products but also skill and techniques too. So here’s a quick rundown of some of what I’ve learned from YouTube. 

1.Some Basics

There are a few basics when it comes to makeup products, but nothing can be as fundamental as knowing which order to apply. Before watching YouTube videos the product order was never something I really knew. But that was also because I didn’t use that many products. When you only apply a few products knowing how to layer them is never important information. I also quickly found out that there were a ton of makeup products that I not only wasn’t using but hadn’t really ever heard of before. It was all something I was introduced to from YouTube tutorials. 

Starting off with just all the new products I never knew about. When I was younger I barely wore any makeup. It was usually concealer and mascara, and if I was being fancy then I’d add eyeshadow, eyeliner, bronzer, and sometimes blush. All in all not very many products. I was quickly introduced to primer, foundation (I knew about foundation but not all the different types and finishes), eyebrow products, powders ( translucent, banana colored and other brightening), highlighters and setting sprays. To say it was all little overwhelming would be an understatement. It’s funny to think that there were so many products I had never heard of before and now most are a part of my everyday routine. But with learning about all the different kinds of products meant I needed to know how to apply them all. 

I know growing up the order in which each makeup products goes on has always been confusing. Does concealer go before or after foundation? When do I apply powders and when do I apply cream products? Can I use creams after powders? There were always so many questions and trust me these weren’t all of them. It’s part of the reason why I never really wore that much makeup, everything was always so confusing. Youtube tutorials finally answer some of my many questions. So for the basics it creams before powders. When it comes to face products it’s foundation, concealer, and then the rest of the cream products (bronzer, blush, highlight). After the cream products have been applied you set the face with all the powders (face powder, bronzer, blush, highlight). Even though this is just the basics I learned, makeup wouldn’t be makeup if it wasn’t ever changing. I think that’s one of the biggest takeaways about makeup is that it doesn’t always follow the rules and that it’s not always set in stone. So really the application process is however you want to apply it. But I do recommend sticking to these guidelines because I know I have deviated from them and it turned into a mess. (and not a pretty one)


Blending-(verb)- to mix smoothly and inseparably together. No makeup tutorials is complete without mentioning blending 20 times. 

If anyone has watched a makeup tutorial, blending is a subject that not only mentioned every time but several times in a video. You could probably make a drinking game out of it. Along with the phrase “no harsh lines”. 

When I first starting getting more into makeup I hadn’t given much thought about blending. I should rephrase that a little, when I would apply colors, mostly for eye looks, I would only use a few colors and I made sure each one was visible. I would make sure they blended into each other so it wasn’t completely crazy looking but I wouldn’t always make it look like an effortless transition. It wasn’t until I wanted to experiment more and of course a smokey eye seemed like the next logical step. ( I was a little overconfident in my skills.) It was then that I learned I was way out of my depth. I learned all about blending and the whole concept behind it. It was then that I learned that eye looks (especially smokey ones) weren’t just about a few shades but more about several that blended seamlessly together to create dimension and a gradient. I also learned that shadows weren’t always just applied to the lids but also applied to the crease. And how important to blending and ultimately an eye look it is to apply and blend colors into the crease. That is where you get the gradient and dimension in the look but also what helps with blending and so you have no harsh lines.  

Talking about blending would not be complete without mentioning the brushes (most I had never seen before). I’ll be honest I mostly applied makeup with my fingers or with the brushes the products came with. An idea that seems absolutely crazy to me now. But when I started getting more into makeup I would use a few brushes (a few eye brushes and maybe 2 face brushes) but I had no idea I would need so many just to do basic makeup looks. Just for the eyes alone there were so many different types of blending brushes it all blew my mind. When it came to the different brushes there was the big fluffy ones that you were supposed to use at the beginning when blending out the transition shade, and the next one was still fluffy but smaller than the first, and then they gradually got smaller as you continued with the smallest used closest to your lash line. And the crazy part was that that was just the eyes. When it came to face brushes even though I had seen some familiar ones there were plenty I had no idea existed. I was already familiar with powder and blush brushes, but from there there was highlighter, bronzer, contour, foundation, and concealer. And each one had so many different shapes in sizes they came in. My mind couldn’t seem to wrap around that fact that so many different types of blending brushes were needed even to create a simple look. It seems so crazy to think I use to look at brushes as not really necessary when now I have so many that people gawk at how many I have and use. It hard to think that YouTube was the one that opened my eyes to the world of brushes. 

3.Transition shade 

When first watching makeup tutorials there were several terms I was unfamiliar with, but none more so than the transition shade. I had absolutely no clue what a transition shade was and why it was so important. In simple description a transition shade is the begin an eye look. To be a little more detailed it’s the color that is usually applied first when creating an eye look in the crease or slightly above. This color tends to be similar to your skin tone so all other colors applied after blend seamlessly (but not always). The transition shade not only helps all the colors after blend better but it also the first color helps to create dimension and gradation. 


Here’s something that’s somewhat shocking: I used to think doing my eyebrows wasn’t a necessary step. I know. It’s not one of my proudest makeup moments. But I used to think I had more eyebrows than I really do and that it didn’t make much of difference anyway. But I soon learned from makeup tutorials that importance of eyebrows. It’s a step in videos that is never not done, it’s just not always shown on camera. That’s because eyebrows make a huge difference in shaping your face.  It was something I quickly learned but have now embraced. It another step I can’t not do even if I’m doing a no-makeup makeup look. I think if I hadn’t learned more about the importance of eyebrows I probably would have continued to ignore doing them. Which is kinda scary thought.

5.Tight Lining

Tight lining is such a minor detail but one I think make a huge difference. As someone who has problems with their lashes I will take any chance to make them look thicker and in any way better. It was a concept I had never really heard before YouTube. And honestly it was something I found a little creepy at first. I mean the idea of applying eyeliner to the top water line is weird enough but watching anyone do it will definitely give you the heebee jeebees. Don’t forget trying it out on yourself the first time because that feels so unnatural. But the more that I saw it was step in a lot of makeup looks the more I understood it and it’s importance. It is a step that makes a big difference. Even though it isn’t as visible as eyeliner in the lower waterline, it does fill in any blank space once you curl and mascara your lashes. While that might not sound important it does help the lashes look fuller and not break up an eye look. For me it’s a step I always do. My lashes have enough challenges already that I will do any makeup techniques to make them look fuller and better. Even if that technique is a little creepy. 

6. Setting Spray

This falls under products I didn’t know about and techniques and steps I’ve learned from YouTube. For the longest time I always wonder why when I was done with my makeup it always looked powdery. I could never figure out how people made makeup look more like their skin instead of something you caked on. Enter setting spray.(although now I think it’s mostly filters) When I learned about this product so much finally started making sense. Setting spray has become a vital product for me. It’s always a step I have to do but especially if I’m using any type of powder which is almost always. Setting spray is the last step that blends all the makeup together. It helps melt the powders into your skin making everything come together. And depending on the type of spray it can help with the longevity of your makeup or can make your skin more matte or dewy. Setting sprays like a lot of products can be used several different ways. For example some can be used as primers and help intensify shimmery eyeshadows. No matter which way I use them they have become an integral part of my makeup routine.

These are just a few things I have learned from YouTube. Most I mentioned are the techniques and products that I routinely use. I know I’ve learned so much more. I’ve basically learned everything from watching makeup tutorials on youtube. It has opened up a whole new world and level to makeup for me. I do sometimes wonder if I would love makeup as much as I do without everything I’ve learned from YouTube. Not only have I learned about products but I’ve also learned more skills and techniques. I also think taking what I’ve learned seeing myself improved with everything has furthered not only my makeup obsession but also my obsession with YouTube. The only thing I do know is without YouTube I would own less makeup products and would therefore have more money. 

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