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Recently I’ve noticed how healthy my hair has been. I can’t remember a time when it has felt this healthy. I think it is also one thing for me to think that but when I recently got my hair cut my hair stylist even agreed. She was shocked at how much thicker it felt. I have pretty long hair and my ends always feel thinned out and scraggly. So to hear that my hair really was healthier it got to me to thinking what were the things that I changed that improved the health of my hair. 

I wish I could say it was one thing that I changed in order to improve my hair. But I think it was several changes I made and not all of them were to specifically with my hair mind. And I’m not sure if some had the biggest impact but I did want to mention them all since I do believe they all played a part. 

I want to start off with some of the smaller changes, which are actually the result from bigger life changes. One is that I moved  from living up north to living back in the south. For the almost ten years I lived up north I noticed my hair was getting drier, thinning out and overall not feeling as healthy as it used to when I lived in a more humid climate. 

Obviously living up north the winters can be brutal and my hair and skin suffered with chronic dryness. Really whose doesn’t? So living in a humid climate I noticed how much more hydrated both my skin and hair have become. But it’s more than that because I have noticed that the humidity has also made it feel a little thicker. I don’t know if it’s because of the moisture in the air or I’m confusing the thickness for just frizz but it definitely feels better. It also more than just feeling better I can definitely see the difference. I have long hair so my ends always looked dry and scraggly but I have noticed that they don’t appear as dry and scraggily any more. In the few years that I’ve been back in a humid climate I’ve noticed my hair has changed for the better. The only problem is I don’t know how much.  It’s also not the first thing I would mention if someone else were to ask me how I improved the health of my hair. (And I know it was the first thing I mentioned but that’s because I want to start with the small stuff.)

So the other small change was a switch to medications. As I’ve mentioned before, I have pretty bad migraines that I have to take medicine to help prevent. Unfortunately several of the different medication I tried throughout the years effected my hair. Without naming each one, there was one specifically that had a side effect of hair loss, but I also think some of the others that caused hair loss too. While I know it wasn’t a significant amount of hair that I lost (at least that what I was what I was told), it was enough for me to really take notice and even feel the difference in the amount of hair I had (which was still a good amount). I have to say that a lot of this happened awhile ago but I do think it took time for things to get back to somewhat normal again. It wasn’t until recently after being off all those medications and being on new ones am I really able to notice the difference in my hair. I do want to add a disclaimer that you shouldn’t stop any medication even if you think it’s effecting your hair without consulting your doctor. This was just something I wanted to mention because at the end of the day I do think switching medications has had an impact of my hair even if it was small. 

One of the changes that I made that has had a major impact on my hair has to be using better products. I first started changing my haircare products around more for my skin than my hair. When I first starting getting more into skincare and really learning about what ingredients I should avoid in products, for example parabens, I made sure to avoid that in my hair care products too. Since I have long hair and I mostly wear it down meant that those bad ingredients I was trying to avoid in my skincare can still end up on my skin from my hair products. At least that was how I looked at it. Not only did I want to use better products with better ingredients on my hair but I also wanted to make sure none of the bad ingredients ended up on my skin. Now that I’ve seen what better ingredients has done for my hair I’m glad I made the switch and will never go back. But something I have learned is that haircare is similar to skincare in that you have to find what works for you and a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean it will work better. I know this because at first I wasn’t too lucky when I tried higher end hair care products. Nothing I used seemed to improve my hair in any way and made me question if it was actually worth the higher price. I feel like I tried several before I finally found what worked best for me. I truly believe that what has really helped changed my hair has been using Briogeo products, but more specifically the Don’t Despair Repair hair mask. 

A little over a year ago I decided to stop using regular conditioner and decided to use a hair mask as its replacement. And honestly it’s one of the best decision I’ve made when it comes to my hair. It’s been healthier, more moisturized and less dry, silkier and overall so much better. After falling in love with the Briogeo hair mask I decided to try more of their products and bought the shampoo from the same line. I like the shampoo it’s hydrating without being completely stripping but if I were ask to choose between the two I would go for the hair mask every time. Recently when I needed more hair oil (a must have hair product for a girl with dry curly-ish hair) I decided to try the one from Briogeo. Even though I’ve had it for months and used it several times I still feel on the fence about it. I like that the ingredients are amazing but a little goes a long way and I sometimes forget that. I truly mean it too because 1-2 pumps is all you need and anymore and you’ll look greasy. When my hair is wet it doesn’t always feel the most hydrated and my instinct is to always add more oil but I’ve learned the hard way to not overuse this oil. And truthfully having a product that will last long is always a good thing. The other issue that has me kinda on the fence is that it doesn’t always feel the most hydrating. Don’t get me wrong most of the time it make my hair feel silky smooth but not always the most hydrated. I have a feeling that the more I use it the more I’ll love it but for now I’m a little unsure. 

The best way to describe what one of biggest differences I have made to my hair is just laziness. I feel like my laziness worked well for me for once. And all those bad hair habits we’re always told to change, (use less bleach, less heat tools, less products, wash it less, etc) somehow became easy to do. When I got really lazy I found myself doing all these things. I found I would wash it less, which I know will gross people out but it is so  much better for your hair, I swear. I also became lazy about styling all the time, so I found myself using tools like my flat iron less. I don’t normally use that many hair tools (mostly just the flat iron) but the less I do use them the healthier my hair feels. Styling my hair less led me to use less product which would allow me to wash it less, and thus the laziness cycle would repeat. The biggest difference came from not dyeing my hair as much. I have been dyeing my hair since I was a teenager and has taken a toll. None more than the time I decided to bleach my hair myself which is a story for another time. For years now I have had the ombre/balayage style not just because I like the style but it works best for a lazy girl like me. The last time I had it dyed/bleached it was in October 2015 and for whatever reason I just never found the right time to go back and have it dyed again. When a majority of it had grown out over a year later I decided to just dye back to my natural-ish color. And honestly since then I haven’t dyed it again. I’ve noticed without dyeing my hair (especially using bleach and since my hair is so dark I have to use bleach) the health has improved so much. I always knew using bleach did damage but I never really noticed how much damage until I stopped. As of right now I don’t see myself coloring my hair anytime in the near future (but don’t hold me to that). I constantly get the urge to do something colorful with my hair, whether it’s a crazy color or just a subtle balayage, but for whatever I just can’t find myself wanting to do any damage to my hair after how healthy it feels now. 

So how did I get healthier hair? I think it was a few things but mostly it was good products and being lazy. I think this finally proves laziness is not always a bad thing after all.  

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