New Year Fail

At the beginning go the New Year I decided I wanted to make some changes, not necessarily resolutions because let’s face it resolutions always end in failure. These were things I wanted to improvements on and was going to make a conscious effort to correct. So how did that go? Not as I expected or more simply, a big old failure. Now that 1/3 or four months of the year have gone by, (seriously where does time go), I can officially say this year has kicked my ass. I wasn’t expecting to be hit as hard as I was and looking at all the things I had planned to change is kinda funny now. So I thought I would share what I planned to do and what I fail miserably at. 

Five habits I wanted to break in new year 

Consistency- It has always been something I’ve struggled with, mostly because I’m lazy and a professional procrastinator. It seemed like the perfect thing to try and work on, but is in fact probably the biggest thing I fail at this year. I wanted to make sure I kept a consistent skincare routine but there were times I found that I wouldn’t do anything skincare related for big chunks of time. I know that’s might be kinda gross but what can I say other than its the truth. I also wanted to more consistent with posting on here. But as you can tell I have been remotely good about that either. I wish I could explain my failure better than this year has been really kicking my ass, but honestly there’s not more to it than that. I’m still trying to work on my consistency, not just with those things, but honestly it seems it will always be something I struggle with.   

Stop touching my face- This is a really bad habit I developed and is something I unconsciously do. Just the other day I reminded how bad this habit was when my skin was getting irritated from my hand. It seems like I was always meant to fail at this because I have to really think in order to not do it. And let’s be honest I pretty hard to try and think of something not to do when you don’t it when you’re not thinking. I wish I could do better at not touching my face but I think its going to happen any time soon.    

Washing my brushes more- Clean brushes will always be something I want but can’t seem to have. I know there is an easy solution: clean your damn brushes. But it something I will continually fail at no matter how hard I try. I wish I could change this about myself but I don’t know if I can.  

Using more of a product I have before buying something new- this surprisingly has been going well for me. At the end of the last year I went on a Sephora no buy that was suppose to last through the end to the start of the new year, but actually lasted well into February. I have actually made fewer purchases this year too. Right now I’m just waiting until the Spring VIB Sale to really do some damage. 

Drink more water- This was something I knew I was going to fail at. Drinking water has always been a struggle for me. I think it’s because I don’t like the taste of water, or more accurately the lack of taste. Trust me I add things to it to make it more appetizing (mostly lemon) but still I have hard time drinking it. In the last few weeks I have been working hard to change that but I honestly don’t see it lasting. I wish I was wrong but like I said earlier I have a hard time stating consistent.

I should have taken my own advice at the end of the year and not made anything resembling a resolution because they’re destined to fail. And unsurprisingly most of the ones I made did. As much as this year has been hard on me I still plan on trying to get it back on track, and hopefully it starts going my way soon.

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