Say it ain’t so Makeup Geek…


Here are all my eye products that have been discontinued. Even my empty Barcelona Beach.


I always use Makeup Geek eyeshadows every time I do my makeup. They are some of the best eyeshadows I own and have ever used. That’s why it breaks my heart to see that they have discontinued a lot of them. And to take it a step further I realized a majority of my favorite eyeshadows (and some other eye products) are in that list. 

So pre-Black Friday I ordered a new Barcelona Beach eyeshadow after I basically had nothing left of my current one. A few days later I got an email saying they were refunding my money because they no longer had the item. I thought it was just sold out but I quickly learned that the eyeshadow had been discontinued. And to add insult to injury a few days later I dropped the Z-Palette it was in an destroyed the little bit I had left. This shadow being discontinued hit hard because not only do I love this color as an eyeshadow but it is/was my perfect contour color. And the price for the eyeshadow is fractions less than any sculpting/contouring shade available. I have searched everywhere and can’t find a dupe that is close in color or price. 

So before their Black Friday sale I found myself going down a rabbit hole to figure out all the items either being discontinued or were sold out. I not exactly proud of the time I put in to comb through their website and figure out the exact numbers. But what I did learn out was kinda of crazy to me. As of early hours on November 23 (I know that was technically Black Friday but it was 1am and I don’t think that many people were up shopping their website. Only me because I’m crazy and I couldn’t fall asleep.) I found that about 20% of their products had been either discontinued or sold out. Which depending on how you look at it may be a lot or not that big of deal. To me it’s a lot considering that there are only 345 products on their site. Before I do a quick breakdown I want to explain some of the numbers. I was confused for awhile as to why I kept getting two different numbers for the total amount of products. On the home page there was a button to shop now (quick note I was using my phone so this may be different if not on their mobile site) from that I got the total of 345 products. But when using the sidebar I got a total of 332. I also went category by category , for example finding the total number of eye products then lip products and adding them together to get a final sum amount of products of 332. I drive myself crazy trying to find the missing 13 products. After going product by product I finally found 13 miscellaneous items, but the problem was 4 are still being sold while the other 9 are either sold out or discontinued I’m just not sure which. Since it’s unclear if they are sold out or discontinued I decided to not add them because it would throw off some of the totals. So that’s why most of the totals are 336 (332 + the 4 products still available) since that’s the total that are available for sale. I also did a overall items discontinued/ sold out and the total number of products the site lists, 345. I really hope this all makes sense. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the products either discontinued or sold out:  

68/345 = ~19.7% ( this out of every product in the site)

59/336 – discontinued or sold out = ~ 17.56% 

48/336 – discontinued = ~ 14.3%

11/336 – sold out = ~ 3.3%

Here’s the breakdown by category: 

All eyes – 179 products – 29 discontinued- 2 sold out 

All face – 35 products – 0 discontinued – 3 sold out 

All lip – 76 products- 19 discontinued- 5 sold out 

All palette – 21products – 0 discontinued – 1 sold out 

All tools- 21 products – 0 discontinued – 0 sold out 

Miscellaneous 13 products – 4 available – 9 discontinued/sol out 

Anyway you look at it it shows that Makeup Geek have a lot of items on their site that can’t be purchased. They explained that the discontinued items are because they are doing a rebranding. But as of right now there has been no mention of any new products that might be launching. I understand that companies will discontinue product in order to launch new ones it just that the products they have discontinued are fan favorites. Also they didn’t mention that this was even happening. I wish I had been told which products were going to be discontinued that way I could buy extras of my favorite products. I think that has to be my issue with all of this. At the end of the day this and some of the other drama surrounding Makeup Geek has left a bad taste in my mouth and is making reconsider ever purchasing from them again. I know I’m sounding dramatic and even a little petty but this whole mess has left me feeling that way. I’m sure in a few months I’ll put all this aside and return to using their products. But right now just feels to soon. 

Here’s a list of the discontinued eyeshadow ( I did the eyeshadows since that’s what they are known for:

Cocoa Bear 

Barcelona Beach 



Petal Pusher 

Cherry Cola  

Bake Sale 


Cabin Fever

Side Kick 




Wild West 

Early Bird  

Phantom – duochrome 

Boo Berry 


Drama Queen 



Also let me know what your favorite Makeup Greek products are and are they also being discontinued? 

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